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Century has platforms for any and all applications.  All Century platforms are designed for rugged exploration conditions and to provide an application specific, cost effective platform for meeting the client’s needs.  Depth capabilities range from 0-10,000 meters, on tracked or wheeled vehicles, remote location helicopter/air portable units, or marine based platforms
For remote locations, we offer portable winches (not shown) and helicopter-delivered units (above). NEW S10000 Truck! Century’s newest S-10000 logging truck has a heavy-duty winch and boom that handle heavier tools and greater depths. CONTACT SALES FOR MORE INFORMATION Century’s S-6500HD four-wheel-drive trucks offer up to 1,828-m (6,000-ft.) depths. They handle rough field conditions and maneuver on tight drill sites. Their integrated hydraulic boom design allows our engineers to run tools efficiently without a rig, crane, or hoist.
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